Google’s newly-released chatbot, Bard is about to get an upgrade. Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed this on the New York Times Hard Fork podcast on Thursday. During the episode, he was asked about Bard and he acknowledged that it has its weaknesses.

Mr Pichai said Bard would move from the LaMDA model to a larger PaLM model.

He said, “We clearly have more capable models. Pretty soon, maybe as this goes live, we will be upgrading Bard to some of our more capable PaLM models, so which will bring more capabilities, be it in reasoning, coding.”

Mr Pichai also shared why are they not moving fast and breaking things again. He said, “We haven’t hooked up Bard to our most capable models yet, and we plan to do it deliberately. And so through this moment, I think we are going to stay balanced, but we are going to innovate. And there is genuine excitement at this moment, so we’ll do that.”

He further explained, “Pichai explained on Hard Fork, “We knew when we were putting Bard out we wanted to be careful. It’s the beginning of a journey for us. Since this was the first time we were putting out, we wanted to see what type of queries we would get. We obviously positioned it carefully.”

Response to OpenAI and Microsoft has been phenomenal and reaction to Google’s chatbot has been mixed so far. While some people said it wasn’t detailed enough or context-sensitive like those of its rivals.

Further in the Podcast, Mr Pichai admitted that launching Bard with LaMDA limited its scope. He said, “The company won’t release a more capable model before we can fully make sure we can handle it well. We are all in very, very early stages. We will have even more capable models to plug in over time. But I don’t want it to be just who’s there first, but getting it right is very important to us”.